The first stage of your

Sales process

How many “contacts” – often in the form of business cards – are lying dormant in your desk or in Excel lists? Yet it would be so important to manage and follow up until the leads become customers. Grab the right apps to close more deals in less time.


Sales Pipeline


Time saving from
Lead to the customer


more structure
and overview

More than a business card

This is how your leads process could work

The way you manage your leads can have a significant impact on the success of your business.

CRM platform

Transfer your leads to a central system

Once a lead is captured in your CRM, the system automatically assigns that lead to a sales rep.


The leads will be validated

The sales representative performs a background check on the lead and analyzes available sales opportunities.

Improved user experience

Convert leads into potential customers

When sales opportunities exist, the lead becomes a deal or a potential customer.

Bring structure and
Overview into business.